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Civil and Commercial Litigation in Ottawa

Wrongful Dismissal

If your employment has been terminated, you may be entitled to damages for wrongful dismissal. Generally speaking, an employer can fire you without cause as long as you are given adequate notice or pay in lieu of notice.

The length of notice you are entitled to receive depends on whether or not you have a written contract that specifies the notice period. If there is no written contract, the length of notice you may be entitled to depends on many factors.

Some of the most important factors include your age, the duration of your service, your type of employment and level of compensation, as well as how difficult it will be for you to find suitable replacement employment.

Investment Losses

If you invested money in a portfolio with the help of an investment advisor and have suffered losses, you may be able to claim these losses from your advisor. If it is found that your portfolio was unsuitable based on your investment objectives and risk tolerances, your investment advisor could be liable for your losses.

Construction Lien

If you have done work on a property for which you have not received payment, you may be able to place a lien on the property in order to secure that payment. The Ontario Construction Lien Act establishes strict deadlines to file a lien; contact John D. Dempster as soon as possible, should you find yourself in that situation.

Contract Disputes

If you believe another party or parties have breached a contract they had with you, Mr. Dempster can assist you in claiming damages for breach of contract. This applies to all types of contracts.

Shareholder Disputes

If you are in a dispute with one or more fellow shareholder in a small, privately owned company, or if the company is being managed in a way that is harmful to your interests, we can help. Whether the company is federally or provincially incorporated, your interests can be protected through the oppression remedy.

If you are dealing with civil or commercial litigation in Ottawa, call or email John D. Dempster to arrange for a free initial consultation.

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